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This page is intended to announce important news from our site in a brief form. It will be updated continuously. Please come visit it in a regular basis.

November 17, 2017

We are migrating from WordPress to Drupal 8

In order to increase interactivity and increase our functionality, we are working to migrate this site to a more powerful and secure server (with an SSL certificate). We will, on occasion, adopt the Drupal 8 content management system, which is reputed to be robust and not very resource-intensive. During the migration period, the development of new applications and the maintenance of existing ones will be somewhat slowed down.

Our site is completely free (no sponsor, no click hunter) give generously to support us.

October 30, 2017

Latest additions to our interactive FSL applications:

  • Mute consonants (in the final position),
  • Possessive adjectives,
  • Conjugation of verbs to present of subjunctive,
  • And many others,
  • Click here to visit the FLS menu.

September 28th, 2017

We develop FSL (French Second Language) learning applications using Adobe Flash © or other proprietary technologies. This is not new.

What is new is that since July 2017 we have shifted to the HTML5 standard and open technologies so that our content and applications remain accessible to all platforms (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc.).

Furthermore, we will soon offer a distance learning services (online) using the latest tools in this field. Sound, video or still picture, application and screen sharing. All of these things are now very commonly used. You say that any one can do that using Skype, Whatsup or even in Facebook… This is partly true. Yes, as true as one can build a concrete building with a trowel and bulk materials…

What we are going to offer (tools used, content and pedagogical approach used) will one of the best in distance learning.


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