This page contains interactive software (applications and quizzes) on aspects of greatest challenges to learners of French Second Language (or even to those who have French as a mother tongue). All these software are of our creation. The list goes on growing. Furthermore, any bugs our software may contain despite numerous tests to which they have been subjected will be removed in the short term. Please come visit this page frequently. (Page under review)

A) French Syllabication
  1. French Syllabication
B) Gender of French Nouns
  1. Gender of noun (civilian version)
  2. Gender of noun (military version)
C) Verbs (Conjugation)
  1. Passé-composé or imparfait?
  2. Subjunctive, infinitive or indicative?
  3. Find the infinitive of the verb
  4. Find the past participle of the verb
  5. Find the present participle of the verb
D) Oral/Written Association
  1. Oral/Written Association (beginner level)
  2. Oral/Written Association (advanced level)
E) Pronouns
  1. Personal Pronouns 1
  2. Personal Pronouns 2
  3. Relative Pronouns 1
  4. Relative Pronouns 2
  5. Relative Pronouns 3
D) Prepositions
  1. French Prepositions 1
  2. French Prepositions 2
F) Written expression (CFPC style)
  1. Written Expression Test 1
  2. Written Expression Test 2
G) Miscellaneous
  1. Anglicisms in French
  2. Comparatives and superlatives

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