tcofillerpicHA Learning Tech pursues excellence in development of courseware, online exams, online surveys, dynamic sites or web portals and multimedia content for learning and communication. Developing with/under Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, BuddyPress, Adobe Flash, Moodle, Wiki, eCommerce, etc. etc. you tempted to embark?

This site contains a brief overview of our products and services. In the days, weeks or months to come to you, it will constantly be changed to inform you of our latest news. Please consult it on a regular basis to find updates to come.

Moreover, even if our site is designed to run on tablets and smart phones, it is not guaranteed that all types of multimedia content will work on all types of devices and operating systems of the market…  But…We are working on that continuously.

Some of our applications including the simulations of the Oral Proficiency Test (TCO) of the Public Service Commission of Canada are in Adobe Flash format (we are working on an HTML5 version). To operate those “apps”, the following resources are a minimum:

  • A recent computer with a functioning sound system,
  • An extension of the Adobe Flash Player,
  • A minimum of 1600×1200 display (pixels).

Finally, it is important to note that multimedia content is very demanding in hardware and software resources and in Internet bandwidth.

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