Web Design

Nowadays design with affordable price tag.

And as we said in different parts of our website, our design remains in the state-of-the-art in web development (interactive, multilingual, responsive, mobile friendly, eCommerce). We can even build for you accessible websites to accommodate people living with visual or hearing disabilities. We can make your website compliant with WCAG 2.0 standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our rates? Well… The 2 following examples will give an idea of what we charge…

Example a) a 2 pages site starts at $99

Yes! With 2 pages (one in English plus and one other in any other language with unlimited content) which is enough for a blog, you can start your presence on the Web. Yes! We start at $99 bucks (depending on level of customization and on other options like hosting, domain name reservation, SSL, branding, content formatting and integration, etc.).

Example b) a10 pages site starts at $199

Another example is this bilingual website containing 11 pages (5 in Eng. 5 in Fr. and a cover page.). It starts at $199 + customization and on other options. Click here to see a 10 page sample site.

In short, no project is too big or too small. So hurry and contact us for more details.

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